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HRD Employment Consultants and
Multi-services, Inc.

Corporate Profile

HRD Employment Consultants and
Multi-services, Inc. (HRD)
is an overseas employment agency duly licensed by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), to recruit and deploy contract workers worldwide. [Search for the listing of HRD at the POEA website. CLICK HERE.]

Since July 2000, HRD has played a major role in supplying manpower requirements of foreign counterparts, in Europe, the Middle East and in other Asian countries. HRD also currently has several recruitment agreements with various health facilities in the U.S.A.

HRD has in its manpower pool, highly qualified nurses, physical therapists, accountants, computer programmers, caretakers and factory workers.

It has a cohesive team of Managers with complementary professional skills and are well-versed in the various phases of recruitment, sales, training and management. Individually and collectively, the HRD team delivers reliable performance.

The entire HRD workforce is inspired and devoted to pave the way towards our global march, with professionalism and increased efficiency, with the ultimate goal of helping our recruits and satisfying our clients' needs.

Our Mission

HRD is a dedicated organization whose mission is to give employment opportunities to those who wish to improve their lives and those of their families. HRD aims to be recognized as a professional and ethical organization, by providing quality service to clients and deploying all categories of workers to favorable workstations overseas, in accordance with the rules and regulations of the sending and host countries.

Our Vision

We strongly believe that with our operations closely patterned with the ethical standards of the manpower export industry, we will be a leading provider of manpower to top clients worldwide.

We will be a quality organization made up of quality people providing quality life to workers and their families.

Our Corporate Philosophy

We have faith in the Filipino workers, as they are among the world's potential, easily-trained and most adoptable workers.

We believe that success in business is doing the right thing. Thus, we make recruitment right. This is our commitment, our way of life.

We select the best available applicants. We recognize their rights and needs. We treat them right, give them the right services, at the right price.

We choose and train our own employees carefully. We empower them, to ensure they do their tasks right, the first time, all the time.

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